CNN breaking news report: tumblr user screamingiminlovewithyou is an ACTUAL princess. stay tuned for more updates

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pitbull is coming to our state fair and today my mom asked me if i would go with her to see him

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5 years ago, on April 23rd, 2009, Taylor Swift’s first headlining tour - the Fearless Tour - began. The tour consisted of 106 shows in North America, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. As soon as tickets went on sale, they sold out almost instantly. Two of the most well known venues in the United States - Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center - had sold out within two minutes. Taylor continued the tour until the following year, ending it in Gillette Stadium in July of 2010. However, she immediately dove into her next record, wasting no time to step up her successful career. 

people who use the word ‘ratchet’ not ironically really concern me

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PS: short hair, don’t care. (!!!)