Meanwhile in my City; Islamabad, Pakistan, this is happening^. Read THIS , THIS,  THIS to find out  what exactly is happening and why. So we’re pretty much stranded, there’s tear gas being thrown, plastic bullets being shot, and people getting hurt. I just hope it all ends soon. It’s so sad on many levels, please pray for Pakistan.

do you ever feel insecure about your body and how to you stay confident? you're amazing i rlly do look up to you even tho I'm older lmao

ALL THE FUCKIN TIME!!! LMAO!!!!! i don’t really do anything to stay confident i just know my worth and i know that i don’t deserve to be treated any less just because of my weight. i don’t think about it a lot, actually. a lot of ppl think just because im FAT that it means that i have 2 like…be down about myself all the time, and it’s not like that at all lol. i also tell myself i look good everyday and i like to dress up for MYSELF because it makes me feel good :)) im shit at typing it out but i did make a vid basically explaining the answer to ur question lol you can watch it HERE

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tumblr changed me….real talk..before this website if someone told me to suck their ass i’d be like waht the fuck…yo…what the FUCK………but now i’m just like LOL

But you're a simple broccoli that has impacted my life for the better like I feel so much happier because of you so thank you :)

:) I love you :))))))))

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Straight up you're my favourite person on this damn website. I've never really felt that good about myself and I feel pretty lonely sometimes but like I've never spoke to you and yet you never fail to cheer me up and make me feel good about myself. So honestly, thank you so much x

this is so nice……this is so nice for you to SAY about ME 
i am just a simple broccoli. i love u. thank u <3

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and time is froOoZeEnnNn
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and time is frooOOOOoOozzzEeeeEeNnnN (27.8.14)

i hate it when i ask for money and my parents are just like “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? SHIT TWENTY DOLLARS???” im just like uhhhh yeah thatd be pretty cool if u could poop out money

kylee! you are seriously so great! i WISH i was as positive about myself as you are when i was your age. you are going to grow up into such an amazing young adult. you've really helped me with the whole body positivity thing, so thank you! ps you are gorgeous! xxx

omg…i love you, thank you SOOO much for this :) messages like these really do brighten my mood and make me smile <333 i love you

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have you guys ever farted in class honestly be real with me and im not talking like a silent fart i mean full throttle farting where people HEARD it 

people who are opposed to fat girls wearing skirts and crop tops are literally missing out on some good lookin girls